Course Map

The starting line will be common for the 5k, 10k and 1 mile walk located at the Northwest corner of Stuart Park. The finish line will also be common for all 4 races located near the pavilion at Stuart Park.

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Interactive course map: All races start and end at Stuart Park in Inkom, Idaho. The 5k route is red, 10k is green, and 1 mile walk is blue. On common portions of the routes they will appear red. Click on the colored routes for full directions of race routes. Additionally, aid stations, mile markers, restrooms, and parking areas are identified on this map. These are not completely accurate representations of the courses. The actual courses may be slightly altered for distance and safety considerations.

1 Mile Walk Route
Starts on Stuart Dr, then Left onto Roscoe St to complete a loop around the block on Dean St, Stephen St. and then back to Stuart St. Walkers will return to Stuart Park and complete one loop around the park to the finish line.
*Please note this event is a walking only event.  If participants run during the 1 mile walk they will be disqualified from awards and prizes. 

5k Run Route
Starts on Stuart Dr and connects to Lincoln Ave over to Main St. Runners will turn North (Right) on Main St connecting to Rapid Creek Rd. Runners will follow Rapid Creek Rd up to Helmandollar Park looping through the park and returning back to Stuart Park the way they came finishing the race with one lap around Stuart Park to the finish line.

10k Run Route
Follows the 5k route up to Helmandollar Park, but runners will continue up Rapid Creek Rd to Jackson Creek Rd. Runners will turn right into the cul-de-sac and then turn left onto Inkom Rd. Runners will turn right back onto Jackson Creek Rd and up the hill to the Corwin Ln loop. Runners will head straight back down Jackson Creek, bypassing the cul-de-sac, and onto Rapid Creek Rd back to Stuart Park to complete one loop around the park to the finish line. Please note that the Crazy 10k is designed for experienced runners and is a challenging course including over 400 ft of elevation increase in the first half of the race.